Curlencook: Kinda some stuff about us…

Curlencook is composed of the fantabulous talents of some extraordinary men. Kev, JD, Glenjamin, Matt and our ranks are  growing. Last names are unimportant, the only thing that matters is that we deliver to you, yes you reading this, our thoughts on movies you should probably have never heard of, video games you will become addicted to and comics you need to read.

We also just happen to be trivia hosts of an unrivalled calibre. So if you feel like a night of fun and larfs check out the trivia info on the main page and hopefully we will see you out…!

Curlencook – Constantly Awesome.


6 thoughts on “Curlencook: Kinda some stuff about us…

  1. I can’t like it because I’m not a member?? What?? I don’t understand blogs?? What is it anyway?

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